The Story of Choices

Posted by Maryvale on Jul 15, 2019 7:51:35 PM

CollegeGirlonComputerThere is a saying – once a Maryvale girl, always a Maryvale girl. For our alumni, that often means solid bonds with staff, and forever being part of the Maryvale family.

Sheila, a Maryvale alumna, has a unique story. Her journey touches on all the programs Maryvale offers.

She graduated from our residential program and went to a transitional housing apartment. She then began volunteering at our Early Education center in Rosemead and went to Pasadena City College (PCC), earning enough credits to work at Maryvale as a teacher’s assistant.

However, breaking away from the past isn’t easy. With life's challenges, she left Maryvale. For a while, we didn’t hear from her.

Recently, Steve, Maryvale's President and CEO, got a phone call. It was Sheila - she was doing well. She was graduating from PCC in Child Development and planning the next steps in her education…but needed help.

“You can count on us,” Steve said.

Sheila applied to three universities and was accepted to all of them. She eventually chose Cal State San Marcos.

Thanks to education gifts from donors, Maryvale will be able to help with Sheila’s on-campus living expenses and some additional fees while in school. This was a great relief. And, we are proud to say that our former resident begins classes in fall 2019 and is looking forward to a future filled with hope. 

“She took responsibility and was using her resources wisely," says Steve. "Sheila demonstrated she was ready to take the next step by showing the level of maturity needed to be successful. We are so pleased to be able to help this member of our Maryvale family.”

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