Help for Unhoused and Housing Insecure Community College Students is Here!

Maryvale and non-profit The Shower of Hope have partnered together on the Hope Housing for Students Program, to provide temporary, safe housing for female community college students who otherwise would be without housing.


Students in Need Can Continue Their Dream

The Hope Housing for Students Program at Maryvale is dedicated to helping young female community college students realize their potential and educational dreams, despite challenging circumstances.


Program Services Include:

  • Access to meals – Groceries are provided. Students are taught how to cook for themselves and participate in cooking for the whole community. 
  • Clothing – Students are provided with clothing for casual wear/school and for work.
  • Hygiene – Students are provided with basic hygiene items. 
  • Mental health services – One-on-one therapy services are available for all students. 
  • Academic support – Tutoring is provided and available for all students. 
  • Workshops – Resume building, self-defense, yoga, public speaking, and other character-building classes are provided on an available basis.
  • Entertainment – There are also community building/entertainment activities, including movie nights, Karaoke, and sports activities.


The Hope Housing for Students Program at Maryvale, located at Maryvale’s Rosemead campus, is available for female community college students who are facing housing insecurity or homelessness. Interested students can apply by;

  1. Completing the online application.
  2. Emailing
  3. Calling 626-999-1856.

Admissions are on a first-come, first-served basis, contingent on availability, and all eligible students are encouraged to apply.

Learn more about The Shower of Hope. Visit Maryvale’s homepage.