Wraparound Services

Wraparound Services Provide a Safe and Healthy Home

Maryvale's Wraparound mental health services provide team-based service alternatives, for children and families involved with the Department of Children and Family Services and the Department of Probation. 

Wraparound is a client/family-driven, team approach that allows children with complex and severe needs to remain in a family setting rather than in more restrictive environments.

Wraparound teams consist of the child and family supported by a facilitator, child and family specialist, therapist, parent partner, and psychiatrist as needed. Treatment is highly individualized and carefully monitored to promote growth and success.

Substance Abuse and Dual-Diagnosis Outpatient Treatment Services

Wraparound Services - Wraparound Mental Health ServicesMaryvale understands the challenges, stress, and fear of having a child who is abusing or addicted to alcohol, drugs, or both. We also understand the dire shortage of providers of these services in our area while the need is growing. In 2022, Maryvale will offer effective, evidence-based outpatient treatment services for families facing addiction and those facing substance abuse with a mental health diagnosis such as depression or anxiety. We are currently hiring additional associates and licensed specialists in this area with the goal to offer these services to children and adolescents in our community by Spring 2022.