After School Programming - Early Education Center

Early Education Curriculum & Philosophy

Maryvale provides developmentally appropriate activities and interactions that allow children to grow socially, emotionally, physically, cognitively, and linguistically at their own pace. Our interactions with children are guided by the concept that children who are consistently exposed to developmentally appropriate and healthy social, emotional, and physical learning opportunities early in life will be infused with the skills and confidence necessary to be successful in school and into their adult years.

Each classroom teacher uses a weekly theme to develop activities around a developmentally appropriate curriculum that combines small group instruction time, Jean Piaget’s philosophy of children learning through interacting and classroom experiences, and the Creative Curriculum. The Creative Curriculum is a comprehensive Early Childhood Educational system that promotes the use of interest centers, wherein children construct their own knowledge based on experiences of interaction as a way of providing experiences that promote cognitive, social, physical and language development.

All activities presented within the Early Educational Centers and after school programming are considered part of the learning environment, offering children first hand opportunities to explore, create, learn, and to increase self-understanding through the following areas:

Language and Literature: Books, stories, flannel board, pictures, and concept development and games.

Mathematics: Using problem-solving manipulative materials involving measurement, numerals, size and quantity.

Creative Expression: Offering a variety of art media and flexible experiences including opportunities for construction.

Musical Activities: Emphasizing creativity and experiences with singing, musical instruments, creative movement, and dance, audio equipment and experimentation with sound.

Science: Activities include both natural and physical with opportunities to experience gardening, sand and water, animals, and natural phenomena

Physical, Motor, and Perceptual Development: Activities include opportunities to climb, run, jump, push, pull, slide, ride, balance, throw, and gain control of the total body.

Dramatic, Social, and Cooperative Learning: Children explore new people and places, families, and communities and learn to interact appropriately in a variety of roles.

Health and Safety: Experience, which emphasizes a healthy environment including knowledge of food, care of self and everyday safety practices.

Teacher Qualifications 

The majority of our teachers have an Associate’s degree or higher in the field of Early Childhood Education, and all of our teachers meet the minimum Title 22 regulations for the program in which they work- School Age, Preschool or Infant/Toddler. Our teachers are skilled in establishing bonds with children and guiding children in achieving healthy child and educational milestones.

Background Screening

In the interest of child safety and creating the optimum environment for children, Maryvale adheres to rigorous standards of background checks and criminal screening. All Associates are fingerprinted prior to hire and obtain a fingerprint clearance through the FBI, Child Abuse Index, and Department of Justice. In addition to being cleared pre-employment Maryvale receives periodic updates via Community Care Licensing and, in the event that an Associate was convicted of a crime or involved in any situation that changed their fingerprint clearance, Maryvale is informed. The Associate in question would immediately be prohibited from the premises.

Ongoing Teacher Training

The Associates working in our Early Education Centers are a dedicated group of individuals that truly enjoy working with young children and their families. Their dedication is exemplified by their active participation in ongoing training related to professional development and safety including, but not limited to: First Aid & CPR, Mandated Reporting, Title 22 Regulations, Desired Result Developmental Profiles, Creative Curriculum, and Maryvale Policy & Procedure.