3Mgives donation sparks creativity

Posted by Maryvale on Sep 29, 2016 12:53:36 PM

762x468-blog-3M.jpgMaryvale was recently the grateful recipient of a bright pallet of 3Mgives donations that are sure to keep the Agency operating in colorful efficiency. 3M is the creator of such popular office items as the colorful Post-It, rulers, tape, and other products. The office supplies, put to immediate use across all programs, found the most creative application in the hands of our children. Maryvale's kids used the hundreds of bright, multi-patterned rolls of tape to create beautiful artwork. From wallets to personalized notebook covers, and more, the tape was a particularly sought after donation that fueled our teen artists.

3M donates cash and products to education and nonprofit organizations in communities in the United States where the company has a facility. The company is also known for its international giving program.