Giving Tuesday Success Stories

Posted by Maryvale on Nov 20, 2023 1:23:17 PM

Teniqua 3Tanya was born and raised in New York. She did not have a relationship with her father, and her mother was an addict who was incapable of caring for her and her siblings. When Tanya was just 7 years old, she and her siblings became wards of the court and were placed into the foster care system. Tanya battled with her own drug addiction and spent time in juvenile detention centers. When she became an adult, Tanya moved to California to escape a very volatile domestic violence situation, she arrived in the Los Angeles area with her seven-year-old son, Zak She had to leave behind an older son who she did not have custody of and who was living with his father in New York. In October of 2022, Tanya and her son, Zak, entered the Seton House program. 

During her residence in Maryvale’s Seton House program, Tanya received mental health services, which are offered to all resident mothers as part of the Seton House program. Tanya shared that these therapy sessions really helped her begin to heal from her traumatic childhood and the domestic violence she experienced. She is still receiving mental health services today.

Teniqua 5Zak was enrolled in the school. Seton House staff arranged for him to receive private tutoring services through a partnership established by the Seton House staff. The Seton House program also helped cover Zak’s registration fees for extracurricular activities he enjoyed, making it possible for him to play football in an after-school program.

Seton House not only provided a safe environment for Tanya and Zak, but the wraparound services provided by Maryvale gave them the vital support they needed. This structure allowed Tanya to re-enroll in community college and finish her academic program. She obtained her Associate of Arts degree in Medical Administration in December 2022.

With the assistance of Seton House staff, Tanya received a Section 8 voucher, which allowed her to obtain permanent housing for her and Zak. Seton House partnerships provided additional resources to help furnish her new home and obtain an employment opportunity related to her education and experience. Tanya recently shared that Zak is thriving in their new home. Additionally, Tanya was granted full custody of her older son, and now both sons live with her in Los Angeles.


Eva and AlexsiyaWhen Alyssa’s mother and father were both homeless and addicted to drugs, Alyssa was placed under the care of her grandmother. When Alyssa was nine years old, her father received a cancer diagnosis, which caused him to dive deeper into his addiction and ultimately a fatal drug overdose.

Alyssa reacted to her emotional pain, sadness, and anger by cutting herself. It began with simply scratching herself and ultimately cutting herself with scissors and other sharp objects. Alyssa was referred to Maryvale’s Wraparound Mental Health Services, which provides intensive multi-disciplinary therapeutic services at home and in the community.

Alyssa’s mother also received mental health therapy and drug addiction services and is actively engaged in Alyssa’s journey to wellness. Today, at age twelve, Alyssa’s grades have significantly improved, and she has participated in cheerleading and basketball. Alyssa’s mother said that the therapy and support Alyssa received at Maryvale allowed her to share her feelings and process her grief. Both Alyssa and her mother realize there is hope and they have and will continue to succeed.

Alexsiya Photo 1Tanya’s and Alyssa’s stories are similar to those of other families who benefit from Maryvale’s programs and services. These families endured trauma and abuse inflicted by those they depended on the most.

With the help of generous supporters like you, we can help to ensure that we continue to heal, educate, and empower those who need us most, lifting up one individual, one family, and one community at a time.

During this holiday season please consider supporting Maryvale’s families in need. For those like Tanya and Alyssa, your donation could turn this season into a celebration of hope—a gift for which we all are truly grateful. 

Wishing you a blessed and happy holiday season from all of us at Maryvale.