Together for Maryvale's Mission

Posted by Maryvale on Mar 4, 2020 2:04:17 PM


Maryvale’s mission is to heal, empower, and educate children and families in order to instill hope for a more fulfilling future. Maryvale’s Mission Integration Team (M.I.T.), a 22-member group representing staff from every department from both our Rosemead and Duarte locations, sees no reason for the mission to apply only to those we serve. 

The mission of the M.I.T. is to heal, empower, and educate our staff by creating opportunities to experience and practice our Mission and Core Values. The team, co-lead by Erica Luna Gonzales, Director of Administrative Operations and Jason Rinker, Training Manager; sends out daily emails focused on inspiring and empowering Associates to continue the mission in their own way, in the own role; to own their part in continuing the legacy of our Vincentian Founders. Monday Morning Prayers are held for those who are interested in ensuring they are approaching their work and their relationships from an intentional place and perspective. Feast Days ensure we recognize and remain connected to the efforts of those before us, and practice living towards each other the ways our Founders inspire us to strive towards. Other events like surprise “Thank You” cards for our Associates and Valentine’s Day cards for the children and families we serve, ensure no one feels left out and everyone feels valued.

SrDonnaSister Donna
It’s one thing to know St. Vincent’s quote, “First the heart, then the work,” it’s another to experience it.

We are so blessed to have Sister Donna from the Daughters of Charity as an M.I.T member. She brings a Vincentian presence, and we know her support will serve as a guide in creating opportunities to experience and practice our Mission and Core Values for years to come. Thank you to all our Mission Integration Team members for your commitment to our work. We look forward to great things happening. 

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