Student designs fun hangout for Maryvale teens

Posted by Maryvale on Jun 19, 2018 3:35:50 PM

Student Gold Star AwardAbout two years ago, Montebello’s Schurr High School student Caroline Kelly Smarts decided she wanted to complete a Gold Award project. 

But she didn’t belong to a Girl Scout Troop. 

However, with the approval of the Girl Scouts organization, Caroline began her own “Juliet” girl scout troop, which can be lonely when you’re the only one selling cookies and nuts. 

When she sought an organization for her Gold Award project, Maryvale became the lucky recipient. 

Caroline has created an elaborate “hangout” spot for Maryvale’s teens, featuring a hipster, coffee shop design, which she financed completely through nuts and cookie sales. Her friends and fellow band members will be assisting her in the painting and shelf building phase. Phase II follows in a few weeks. 

After learning more about Maryvale and its mission, Caroline has become even more resolute. 

I’m changing the world in the way that I want to see it.”

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