“The opposite of addiction is not sobriety, it’s connection.”
Bruce Alexander, Psychologist 

Our Girls Recovery And Sober Support (GRASS) program is an innovative and effective, sober living strategy that focuses on building strong healthy connections between Maryvale’s staff, our youth and the community.

The program components include Education, Early Recovery Skills and Intervention. We offer a holistic approach that helps build self-esteem, decreases harmful behaviors and promotes healthy, positive coping skills. Wellness activities include a walking/running/hiking program in which sobriety milestones are celebrated and honored, songwriting to chronicle life's journeys and successes, on-campus workshops, mindful meditation and strategies for managing mental/emotional/cravings. 

Participants also receive off-campus mentoring and instruction in healthy living skills, nutrition and self-care through Homeboy Industries and Alma Backyard Farms.

Maryvale strives to be a leader in adolescent chemical dependency treatment. Our focus on wellness through healthy relationships, peer and community support and self-knowledge is critical to recovery and sober living. We give our young women the tools they need to transition successfully back to the community and the confidence needed to remain on a path of recovery.

Songwriting – Life's journey through lyrics.

Our songwriting activity gives residents an avenue to transform their journey into musical lyrics. This is not only therapeutic, it gives our residents a "voice." Noa, a songwriting student at USC, sings the beginning verses of a song they are collaborating on.

Games on the GRASS – A decathlon of wellness.

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