About Trauma Informed Care

With Trauma Informed Care, we understand that the behaviors aren't the problem, they are an indicator of what needs to heal; all relationships are based on this understanding.

Maryvale empowers children and families by giving them the tools and support necessary to move from victims to survivors. Maryvale’s Trauma Informed Care approach relies on the understanding that everyone is doing the best they can, and collaborative problem solving will allow them to achieve their goals. Once they have the tools, our responsibility is to hold onto hope until they can do it for themselves. Trauma Informed Care looks outside the box when working with those in crisis. Every person’s individual needs must be examined and met in order for change to be achieved. At Maryvale, we ask “what do our children and families need in order to believe that relationships heal and that what they’ve been through isn’t who they are, but what they can overcome.”