The long journey

Posted by Steve Gunther on Jun 13, 2018 1:19:57 PM

IMG-5473-HThis year has been and will continue to be an extremely memorable one for my family. By year’s end, we will have celebrated two college graduations, two weddings and, by God’s grace, the birth of our first grandchild! As a father, each of these occasions stirs up countless feelings as I reflect on the journey my children and family has made thus far. There have been many special moments such as these, but there have also been some very challenging times as any family experiences. Seeing two of my daughters graduate knowing the difficulties they had to overcome to achieve their goal or walking my youngest daughter down the aisle after the many sacrifices she and her husband made to arrive at this day are proud and hard earned moments for us all.

At the same time, I am also reminded of the great privilege we have at Maryvale to accompany hundreds of children and families on their journeys. Today we will honor the high school graduation of four of our residents as well as the middle school promotions of 11 of our children. June is also the time when we cheer on our 76 families as their little ones leave us moving on to kindergarten. Each day we are humbled to celebrate successes, provide encouragement and support, or simply remain a steady and reliable presence for those we serve.

Through your prayers and support, you journey together with us. We never know what words or action might prove to be a pivotal moment for a child or family, but, through your generosity, having the opportunity to share God’s love in the smallest of ways leads to life changing opportunities for all of us.

May God bless you and your families as you journey together and write new chapters in your family story!

Steve Gunther is President and CEO of Maryvale.

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